Friday, August 29, 2008

Like R. Kelly, I am trapped...only I'm in the kitchen!

Thanks to pee on my kitchen floor way too often, Cookie and I spend the day in the kitchen together. Thanks to S for visiting me while the boys are at school.
She still just pees on the floor--and everytime, I am right there to catch her and move her outside, but she doesn't seem to mind the escort. I am getting a little more done, but only because I am putting her in her crate more, in spite of her sad whines. No miracles though. At least she hasn't pooped inside in days. Elaine--hold strong!


Melinda said...

I'll have to come visit you in your kitchen next week! Hang in there. Like I said, in 9 years, you'll forget about all the trouble....maybe!

Jenny said...

as long as S does not regress and follow the puppy's example I think you will be OK soon.

Lauren in GA said...

Uhhhhh....yeah....I kinda forgot to mention the pee pee part...sorry.

Cookie is so cute...don't you just want to forgive her because she is so tiny and sweet?


S is so good to visit you. Such a devoted young man.

Amy said...

Do you want me to call Cesar?

Brittany and John said...

nice background me and tell me how! i can bring some of J's diapers...they're even swaddlers!