Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fantasy Land

That's where my boys have lived for the past week as Gma and Gpa Mac were in town. Our schedule went something like this:

WEDS they arrive and we dragged them off to pack meeting where F earned his Bear Award.
TH tubing down the New River. The rain came, the wind came, the geese came, but then the rainbow came.
FRI Jack had to attend and present at Youth Conference so GPA went along, while we took GMA to the pool. When they got home, we got Gma Evans to come over and watch theboys while the adults went to dinner at Oddfellas and then we hit the Floyd Friday Night Jamboree.

SAT brought a rain day outing for the boys with GMA and GPA (they were suppose to go to Claytor Lake but the rain would'nt let up...and after tubing in the rain, the lake in the rain was a bit too over the top, even for the Child Whisperers--codename for Gma and Gpa). After the clouds cleared, we went in to Blacksburg for the annual street fair, Steppin' Out, for good music, good food, and good vibes. SUN was church where the Bishops Mac Sr and Jr were buzzing around and then we snuck out 15 minutes early (to avoid the "Bishop--can I talk to you for a quick second...?") and headed to Pigeon Forge. That night in the hotel, they read their letter.
MON. Why Pigeon Forge you ask? Duh. DOLLYWOOD! We opened and closed the park. Too many pics to post all the good times, so look for the video clip follow up post.
TUES was finally clear enough for Claytor Lake. GPA took the boys while GMA and Jaime went shopping for some things GMA needed.

WED was India Gardens buffet to get a sampling "local" food for GMA and GPA, and returning home to say our goodbyes. More hysterical than ever before, the children said their goodbyes. It made us sad to say goodbye...very sad. But very, very happy that in spite of their busy schedule, we were able to see them one last time before they are off. So THANKS again!

BTW-Anyone else who wants to have a rockin' great time in the Appalachias, as illustrated above, need only get their sorry butts out here and we'll take care of the rest! (That's suppose to be an invitation, albeit an aggressive one.)


Lauren in GA said...

I would love to accept your aggressive invitation!

It all looked so, so, wonderful despite the rain.

I love, "The Child Whisperers" nicknames for Grandma and Grandpa. I need a child whisperer around here.

Elizabeth said...

I want to come! Too bad airlines tickets would 2 months rent at least and our rent ain't cheap. I miss you all!