Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dog Days of Summer (too cliche?)

We caved. After 8 years, we caved. Happy 10th Bday F!! We love you. Maybe not Cookie yet, but we are close.

Thanks everyone who has helped prepare us, warn us, mock us, encourage us, and help us celebrate when the first days arrived. Thanks fo the library and the Internet for having more books than I ever wanted to read (but did anyway) about how to be a "dog family." (Note the B was turned to a D and the y to a g!-funny Colbys)More dog stories to come, because isn't that what dog owners just do? Swapping dog stories--I can't wait...


Richard said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership. There will be days where you can't stand the thing and then there will be days when yoy can't get enough of it. Congrats!!!

Elizabeth said...

Isn't cliche what blog titles are for? (I will spare you the emoticon here.)

It looks like you picked a cute one!

Lauren in GA said...


I love that picture! He looks so handsome...I mean F...not Cookie.

But Cookie looks adorable!

The Colbys are awesome!!! That is a splendid card!