Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cabin Fever

I have caught it! I am desperate to buy a cabin so we can just escape on the weekends. It must be within an hours drive, about $75,000, 3 bedrooms, and near absolutely nothing! I can't stop talking about it to everyone--bugging Jack the most about it. I need it! But.

So on Weds afternoon our friends the Stickleys (THANKS SHARON AND BOB!!) called and said they had rented one at Claytor Lake (about 8 minutes from our house) and wouldn't be staying through the weekend. It was already paid for, would we be interested? Jack jumped and came home to tell me he got me a cabin--for a weekend!

Here are some highlights...

The boys being able to roam freely and walk to the recycle bins alone--please note our Ralph Lauren cutoffs. Stylin' trashy is totally in now.

COMBOS-pizza flavor, the only kind worth buying & Glo-Stick tag

"Fishing" and the dock in general

Swimming with snakes (literally--Jack thought the lifegaurd was coming to nab us for not having S in a swim diaper, but no--to warn us to get out because of the snake...)

Chillin' on the patio with Pringles Sour Cream and Onion--again, the only kind worth buying (are you sensing a pattern?). G wanted me to capture the digestive process, & chocolate war paint

Just general relaxing and playing (especially monkey-in-the-middle) and running with NO tv, video games, or boundaries! It was great!!

Regrettably, the only down side was that this has fueled my cabin fever (as if it even needed fueling), so I am putting it out to the world...anyone want to invest in our cabin with us?


Lauren said...

I loved the pictures!!! So, great!

I loved the comment of, "Stylin' trashy is totally in now". We got the trashy part down around here....just not the stylin'.

I STILL can't think of him as Bob. He will always be Dr. Robert F. Stickley to me. It makes me sad our pediatrician here does not even compare to Bo....Bo....oh, forget it...I can't even type Dr. Robert F. Stickley.

I love those little bucket, so, cute!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like a great weekend. I wish we could invest with you. Do you want one in Hawaii?

Jaime said...

Sorry Liz, Hawaii is just past the 1 hour requirement...but I wish too!

Brittany & John said...

I think at Williamsburg we should put G in his shorts and M in her suit and see how they look together...quite a pair!

Jaime said...

Not unless you want us to get arrested by the fashion police!!