Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Look kids, it's the Good Year Blimp!"

But it really was...You know you are small town when everyone hits the telephone at once to tell everyone else to step outside, the Good Year Blimp is just above! I got more than one call to hear the big news. And BIG news it was--it was so cool!
In spite of how silly it made us feel afterwards to have such a grandious reaction, we felt pretty big and bad when it was right above us! Test your eyesight...can you see G blending into the fence?And hey, when's the last time the Good Year Blimp was in your backyard?


Brittany & John said...

Not to brag or anything but it was in Columbus during the fall!!! And not that Radford isn't special but what in the world brought the Good Year blimp to the Heart of the New River Valley????

Lauren said...

I am totally impressed! That is so exciting! Now, all you have to see is the Oscar Mayer Wiener-Mobile. I have always felt that the Good Year Blimp and the Wiener Mobile are part of the fabric of Americana. I've never seen either and my life is seriously lacking as a result.

Elizabeth said...

The kids will be talking about it for years. That is pretty cool. And fun to catch up here. We are missing you all.