Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Addendum to Bad Babies

More proof-I was switching laundry and heard them pulling the chairs across the kitchen floor above me. I thought I would have time to finish switching loads, but I was wrong.
Please note the goldfish in the frying pan! One wanted to cook, the other to clean. At least someone thought the breakfast mess should be attended to-and at least they are contributing bad babies!
So I shuffled them back downstairs and went to send an email. Went in to check on them and they had both climbed into the TOYROLA and were throwing blocks out of the barrel. At least them were working as a team, eh?

The problem was that each time I found them engaging in bad, yet photo worthy behavior, they would catch me and turn to say, "Cheese!" Great parenting, huh, rewarding the behavior I despise.


Jenny said...

I'm glad the Toyrola lives!!

Jon & Stephanie said...

Little stinkers! They are lucky that they are so cute... :)

Lauren said...

They are so cute! Darn, their adorable charm!

So, they just wanted to have a fish fry...what's wrong with that? heh, heh, heh...

Lauren said...

Their behavior is the result of some brilliant there a "mastermind" and a "project manager" or do they just plan and execute their madcap adventures together?

Stephanie says that it appears that Jack and Alex already know how to double-team her. She could have sworn the other day that Jack tried to distract her so Alex could take off down the hallway where he wasn't supposed to be!

I think Heavenly Father makes 'em all adorable so we don't kill them.