Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother of Year--to three anyway!

2008 Mother's Day
G's class held a Mother's Day tea on the friday before Mother's Day. They made all the snacks (40 little hands touching everything we ate...guess how many kids were out sick on Mon--half!) and sang some fantastic songs.

F wrote a poem about me--endearing, but clearly I need to work on being remembered for saying better things...

Recipe for a Great Mom
by F McKinley

Mother of F
Nice, beautiful, Extraordinary, Crazy
Says "This is not the time to ask!"
Likes Mexican food, watching tv, playing adult games
Lover of a tidy house, cabins, my brothers and I

Oh, and I need to teach him a new term for "adult games." Seems a little out of place in the Mother's Day poem. And I think I read more than watch tv, but isn't it funny what our kids notice?

The boys made me 3 meals fit for a queen, so by the end of the day I was stuffed! I also got to take an uninterrupted nap, which was the best gift ever. But the Juno soundtrack from Jack, flowers made by F, a candle candle holder made by G, and a ceiling fan for the bedroom from S were also fantastic gifts. I felt loved and adored--and a a tad guilty for relishing in it all as my worst parenting moments came flooding through my mind. Thank goodness for selective memory--theirs and mine!
Thanks boys!!!


Brittany & John said...

Ok, I'm glad you said something about the adult games b/c as I was reading it, I had a similar thought. We have an 'adult book club' (opposed to children's literature) and we're also looking for a better name...just doesn't sound right.

Lauren said...

I bet the teachers got a chuckle out of the, "adult games" because they really knew what he meant and didn't meant for it to sound naughty.

I understand what you mean...each and every Mother's Day I have my own little video montage of all my parenting mistakes playing in my head all day long. I end up depressed the whole week after. I gotta stop.

I am not surprised that so many kids were sick after that children prepared tea party. Did you get sick?