Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bad Babies, Why Can't They Be Good?

So our youngest and his buddy are constantly into things--they are mischief makers! We affectionately refer to them as "bad babies" from the aptly titled song by Sandra Boynton (as referenced in the title--which I highly reccommend if you haven't heard it). So our bad babies like to get together and move furniture around, get into lipstick and jewelry, run onto the soccer field, sneak a snack or two, and poop in unison. Hoodlums at age 2! While these bad babies are bad, they are so funny & adorable, I have to laugh as I am pulling my hair out (mostly laugh anyway). I will take my bad baby over boring baby anyday! (well, most days)

A Bad Babies Jam Session-using the game cube bongos (thus infuriating the older boys)

A Bad Baby Houdini act-he would not come out of that suitcase, or rather, he wouldn't stop trying to stuff himself in the suitcase, until he heard a commercial for Pop-tarts ("baby crack").

A Bad Baby at the Soccer Field--though not pictured during the soccer game because I couldn't take my camera this season to soccer because I was too busy chasing baby off the field!!

A Bad Baby and his Beloved Skateboard -The boy loves skateboards. One of his first words--"Hawk", for skateboard, from the cover of the tony hawk game he saw/heard his brothers play. He takes his Tech Deck to Sac Mtg and tries to skate on it (for those who are unaware, it is the size of your index finger), he often sleeps with a skateboard, and he constantly is sneaking a board into the house!

And while some may say age 2 is not a baby, or argue the term "bad baby" is not an appropriate affectionate pet name --I defy them to say it to me!


Anonymous said...
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Lauren said...

Oh, my gosh I love it! He is so cute!

I hated having to keep first Adam, then Brian, off of the soccer field. One would think I would be skinny for all of the chasing I have had to do...

"Baby Crack" heh, heh, heh...

Ben & Amy said...

oh, the bad babies are so cute. you forgot about my bad baby smashing your snow globe!