Monday, April 28, 2008

Sending our Second to school...?

The green plastic rippled tiles for a ceiling, the tiny bathrooms, the not dark-but not light hallways, and the buzz of tiny children seemingly too young to be away from their parents could only mean one thing--it's time for G to gear up for Kindergarten!
G had his Honeybee night the other day, when the three of us went to eat dinner at the cafeteria in his soon-to-be school and engage in an evening of mini-classes. He went around and did a workshop with the librarian, the PE teacher, the music teacher, the art teacher, and spent some time in a Kindergarten classroom.

They call it the Honeybee night because they invite the little upcoming Kindergarteners for a visit to the school, where the mascot is the Bee. Someone asked why it wasn't called, "Larvae night." We glared at them. I am sure their child will end up in G's class.

The flat cold pizza isolated on the cold green tray, in a big warm gym that doubles as the lunchroom, while to the putside world may have sent up red flags, was a warm affirmation to me that this was where we wanted G to start his "formal" education. (who looks more out of it?)

Many of the boys his age are not heading to KG this year, but are waiting until next year so they are "more prepared", which translates into--parents wanting them bigger so they can play football... Never doubting G was ready, we caved to peer pressue to take a moment to ponder if he was ready or not. When after Honeybee night he described the experience as "lots of fun, but very complicated," we knew it was time. Well that, and the other day he announced, "Me and my friend keep arguing about infinity--I keep saying it is a never-ending number and he thinks it is zero, but he is wrong." Look out world, the G has been released!


Lauren said...

From your description I think he is ready, indeed. His vocabulary never ceases to amaze me.

He is such a handsome little man. I love the pictures of him.

So, tell the truth...did you drive through Taco Bell on the way home or was the slab of cold pizza substantial enough?

Shelby said...

Is the above commenter the missing link from McKinley to Moeller? I always see her post on my friend Paige's blog.

Thanks for getting in touch!
(I really appreciated the us vs. them posting you did!)


Elizabeth said...

I agree, he's ready. I can't believe the time gone by though.

Jaime said...

Indeed, Lauren is the link. She is our longtime friend from VA who has turned into the blogging star...Shelby, will you have Dave email Jack your current address? We sent a Christmas card and it was returned to us. Thanks, jaime