Saturday, April 05, 2008

In terms of addictions, I guess I am grateful for this one...

Several days ago Jack mentioned that there is a cake at Kroger he pines away for everytime he goes grocery shopping. He said that one day he was going to look at the expiration date on the cake and go back everyday as the expiration approaches, in hopes of buying it on clearance. (It's $14.00 and he just won't pay that for a cake...can you sense his indignation?)
My story is this: In Primary last week, they were talking about what it meant to be sober, and it lead to a discussion about additctions, which prompted my eldest to announce to the ward that "My dad has an addiction to buying clearance foods at Kroger!" Alas, the shame sets in.

Is salad on the menu this week? If it was on clearance for $0.89 it is! (Usually he gets it for .59)
What about lunch meats for sack lunches? For $1.00--SURE!

Our freezer is stocked with yogurt, milk, meats, and cheeses Jack found lurking at the bottom of the back aisles in Kroger.
I must confess (don't tell him though) that it does help our grocery budget. Not our budget so much, as our choices. First, it enables us to NEVER shop at Walmart anymore. Plus, it would be generics and slim pickings if it were for my shopping only, but Jack's clearance items save the day in terms of the epicurian adventures at our house. (The boys much prefer when Dad goes shopping for food than Mom!)

But you will be hapy to know this story has a happy ending. Tonight, while making a quick stop for batteries, low and behold...(enter rainbows and pixie dust) the cake was on clearance! Usually $14.00, it was $6.49. Even still, needing a little coaxing from the family, Jack fulfilled his wish and bought the cake of his dreams...

And the fact that when he got in the car and saw the receipt rang the cake in even lower at $3.50 turned that dream into a fantasy!!

(**Editorial--Jack can just announce to the universe that he wants a certain product for a certain price, and it almost always happens within a few months. Like a few months ago when he announced he wanted a juicer for $5, and found one for $3 almost new at the YMCA. It happens all the time! I just need him to announce that I need a cabin in the woods for about $4,000 and my frustration with his gift will turn to adoration!)


Lauren said...

Well, if you have to have a Primary aged child announce to everyone what his father's addiction is, let it be buying clearance foods at Kroger! I am impressed with his skill level!

Okay, so don't tell anyone this but, I had to look up the word epicurean...thank you, Jaime for being such a, wordsmith (as you know I learned that word from you, too). My vocabulary has improved greatly through my friendship and blogging relationship with you.

So, tell us your true opinion. Did the cake taste fantastic, or was it a letdown?

I loved the, "enter rainbows and pixie dust"...the guy does seem to lead a charmed existence. Good luck with the cabin!

Jenny said...

Great post Jaime - nice snapshot of your daily life.
I need a $200 flight to Charlotte.

Brittany & John said...

Let's be honest's not just Jack that has that addiction. I do believe it runs in the family!!!

Jaime said...

L-Jack says for $3.50 the cake was great, for $6.50 is was ok, and for full price--total let down. (Keep in mind at full price it would have been fresher though, so I am not sure our assessment is entirely accurate!)

Elizabeth said...

I remember visiting Jack when he was going to BYU and having to go to Smiths at midnight to stake out a half off blueberry sour cream bundt cake. I'm glad the addiction is still going strong 15 years later.

janelle said...

but wait, did it taste good after all? please don't leave us hanging on the really important stuff.

janelle said...

okay, i just read what it tasted like. thanks.