Saturday, April 19, 2008

A night spent "Gettin' all jacked up on Mtn Dew"

We went because the tickets were free, we perservered because of the fried Oreos. You heard me.

The NRV Speedway is 7 miles from our home and in 10 years of living that close, we have never even considered going--never crossed our minds as even an option. When we were given some free tickets to "watch the race" we had to go!
(note we are the only ones around because everyone else--and there were many many others--we in the fried oreo line or under the worlds smallest awning due to the rain that postponed the race!)

All we know about racing is what we learned from Ricky Bobby and Lightening McQueen.

After getting a sitter for the littlest boy (we were afraid the noise would deafen him), we headed out in the rain and hoped for the best. Regrettably, the best it got was the Valleydale playground.
The playground where the boys almost killed themselves on the slippery equipment, were totally drenched and loved every minute of it!
Ok- so not ALL the boys loved it! Jack tried anything to get out of the rain!
If nothing else, we learned the next time we need somewhere to go to get the boys out and about, we are heading to the races--so we can play on the nicest playground in the Valley.


Lauren said...

You know we lived there all that time and never considered going either. I guess I "don't know what I got 'till it's goooone..."

I have never heard of fried oreos...not even down here in "JawwwwwJaaaaaaa". the "deep fried" capital of the south. They sound like a true delicacy.

You always crack me up with the way you word the, "You heard me." concerning, said, fried oreos.
I love the title here, too. It moved me to tears....of laughter...

Brittany & John said...

No race...that's so lame. You know you still can't say that you've gone. It has to be a bona fide race with cars going around the track!
p.s.--how were the oreos??? speaking of which--guess what I found at Target on Saturday...Strawberry Milkshake Oreos!!!

Ben & Amy said...

don't forget the giant hairdryer used, presumably, to dry the track. we knew it was over when the giant hairdryer pulled out of the lot.