Friday, July 27, 2007

J'aime Jaime

So, as much as it a surprise it was to Jaime, I don't actually speak French. I do hope that this blog title is gramatically correct, because if so I find it extremely clever. I wanted to throw a couple more pics on from our trip. We are having a photo book printed of our trip, but I know that it will be months before some of you may be able to see that.

These picture remind me of how great our trip was and how much I love Jaime:) She hates emoticons by the way;)

This was taken outside the L'Orangerie. We heard some people speaking English and asked them to snap a pic.

This was at church. It was inside this courtyard a block away from the Pompidou.

This is at Monet's garden. I am glad that the pics came out so stunning. The garden looks nice too. All cheesiness aside this si one of my favorite pics and is currently my desktop wallpaper at work.

This was a cool fountain at the Place de la Concorde. Also seen in the Devil Wears Prada. She threw her cell phone in it at the end. It was still in there but was very water logged by that point.

This is a picture of me asking the pastries why they taste so good. When I showed this picture to a coworker, she asked "What the heck is Orange-I-na? I love southwest Virginia.


Elizabeth said...

I found a store with Orang-i-na for only 2 bucks a bottle. I love that stuff. All your pictures are so great. I hope I get to see all of them after Christmas.

Lauren said...

I think your title is extremely clever!
You hate emoticons?! So do you want to scream because all of my
e-mails are totally emoticon laden? It's can tell me the truth...
Seriously, I love the pictures! Thanks for posting them!
What did the pastries say? Why do they taste so good?

janelle said...

Hi Jack and Jaime, it's been fun catching up via your blog. What a fun trip. I would love to have a reason to visit Iceland, and Paris is amazing. Your boys are adorable and you guys look great! I'm not sure there's any hope of finding something like Orangina here in Utah but it sure is delish...that's true.

janelle said...

Jaime, they're open frames with those little metal clamps, got them at Ikea 4/$1. After hearing that, you almost have to go find a wall to do it on. Are you guys ever in UT?