Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"What do you do with a scurvy pirate?"

Our middle son, Grayson, turned 4 yesterday. I am taking time out from trip posts to say Happy Birthday to Gray. He asked for a pirate party, so we had a great time creating and traveling through the perils of Radford to find our hidden treasure!

At 4, Gray loves to negotiate any and everything! He is constantly amazing us with his reason and logic. Most of the time it drives me crazy because he can rationalize his way out of an into anything, but sometimes I just have to laugh.

He also loves spelling things lately. When Finn and I want to say something we don't want Gray to understand, we spell it out. Lately, he will ask, "Mom, can we have an S-A-O-Y?" When I ask what that is, he replies, "A popsicle, of course!"

And no surprise, his favorite word is fart. He uses it as often as he can. Today he announced that we live in the United Farts of America. Thank his father for this--I do!
We love you Grayson! Happy 4th B-day!


Lauren said...

I had to laugh out loud at living in the "United Farts of America" Phew! That's a good one, Grayson! As the mother of 3 boys, I too, have many charming stories about all manner of bodily functions. In fact-- in my house we really do live in the "United Farts of America". I also, have my husband to thank for such enlightenment! :)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Gray. You're the most ARRRRRHticulate pirate I know

Jack McKinley said...

La-Are you ever going to get a blog or what? The time has come?

Elizabeth said...

Oh how I wish I could live by you guys. Well really that you lived by me:) I wish we could come to all your birthdays and watch our kids grow up together. I didn't forget his birthday it has just been crazy over here. Happy Birthday G!

Lauren said...

Surely, you aren't referring to me being able to start a blog???!!!!It sounds scawwwy! I like to just read and laugh out loud about yours! I do so love to read this blog because we all know I am a nosy person by nature, so this satisfies my curiousity about what everybody is up to! :)This blog is better that any pop culture news! Britney Spears would never be clever enough to say we live in the "United Farts of America"!