Saturday, July 07, 2007

Miracle Workers

The Jelly bean stories, the days at the pool, endless chicken nuggets and fries, games after games after games after games...this is how the boys spent their days while their parents were in Paris. We never could have taken this trip if it weren't for the sacrifice of mom and dad coming out to keep the boys. The morning before we left, mom and dad's first morning in VA, Grayson told Jaime he wanted her to leave for Paris "right now!"
Notably, there were no pictures of mom with the boys...the photographer never gets her fame in photos, only in the written word. She was amazing with Gray--"the Grayson whisperer," we affectionately call her. Note- This picture is not of mom, but of the saleswoman at our local health food/toy store downtown. Mom's restoration of the TOYROLA was so great--for me, the boys, and Jaime, who has been desperate for large wooden blocks!
Mom and Dad-We owe you more thanks than we can ever offer. It was so wonderful to be gone and not worry about our most valuable possessions. They were in better hands than if we'd been there. You were the type of parents I hope Jaime and I can someday be--parents I was blessed to be raised by and grandparents my children have grown to adore! Thank you!

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Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you were able to take that trip together. I am sure it was so much more relaxing knowing they were in good hands.