Friday, August 03, 2007

Killing brain cells at an early age

F and G spent the afternoon "creating" a new city on Tony Hawke Underground and the second Jack walked in the door, it was a call to action! All the boys must gather to skate the new scene...even S, who has probably lost brain cells faster than the other two, seeing as children are not even suppose to watch tv until age 3, and already he must have his own controller. I am mortified--but at least it is quality time together???
Note the standing position for all 4 of them! Guess you have to take these things seriously--no lounging during gametime!


janelle said...

I know, it's the horrible guilty conflicted feeling that comes with a few choice aspects of parenting. I still let Ava, watch because then I can get stuff done. My sister even emailed me an article about how tv in moderation can be "good" for a kid. Or it can just make the mom feel better about it. (Nope, we're never in VA.)

Elizabeth said...

That is so funny. All of them standing. I can't wait to see all of you and see S for the first time.