Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why have drunks been having all the fun?

I have a friend who just learned how to email (no comment, LAUREN!). I was laughing because like a children first learning to read, her love and use of emoticons is overwhelming. I laugh mostly because we all used them (you know you did at least once), but about 10 years ago, when we first started emailing. What does this have to do with my entry?

Well, with the new Singing Bee game show on NBC, I have fallen in love all over again. I am their exact target audience! (Stacy P, I sang Whitesnake the other day and thought of you...) Since I won't make the show, I have discovered the next best thing...KARAOKE!! What drinkers on the club scene were doing 10 years ago is only now coming to my life, and well, "I've Been Waiting..."

Karaoke Revolution Party has literally, changed my life. We played for 3 straight hours the first night we brought it home, used from Hollywood Video. Thank you to whomever loved it enough to let it go. I will love it now. When I was in high school, I always told people I wanted to grow up and be a lounge singer, but since I can't hit a note--at all!--I knew my dreams would die. But alas...I challenge any one of you reading this to a Sing Off--I may not know what a tune is, but I can Karaoke like nobody's business. So may I take this opportunity to invite all of you to come stay in VA with us and just try and beat me! Bring it!! (Clearly this post is by Jaime--not Jack)

And the DDR dancemat is my dream birthday gift! Also, better late than never!


Jenny said...

Stacey says she can name that 3 notes. :) ;-) :-0

Jack McKinley said...


Brittany & John said...

You might be good but no one could hit those high notes like John could...We want a REMATCH!!!

Lauren Marshman said...

Oh...I have so much to share! Firstly, as I said before...It's on now Sista'! Consider it brung! Now, that I have responded to your " throwing down the karaoke gauntlet"...
I must comment on your previous post...I too, have wondered why my husband and sons need to stand while playing video games. I have often said to my boys, "Sit down! Move baaaack! Why do you have to crowd the screen like that?"
Finally...about the emoticon have to admit this is adorable :P look, he is sticking his little tongue out!!! C'mon Jaime...that is so precious!