Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to School means Back to Clearance

F started the 4th grade yesterday. Can you believe it? I can't--he is making me old...not feel old, because I don't feel old, just old...if that makes sense.

But we have a great/sad story. F needed new sneakers because he is gigantic. So there was a Foot Locker clearance store we have purchased all our nice, name brand sneakers from. We went Saturday to get him a pair and they had closed down! We hit all the other (all of 3) stores that we could find some decent clearance shoes at, to no avail!

We went home and looked online, because there are always sneakers on clearance online. After browsing through hundreds of clearance shoes online, I couldn't find anything under $35 after shipping. F had found this pair of skechers he fell love with, but my promo code wouldn't work, so they were too expensive. We decided to quit for the day.

Then Jack remembered there was this random shoe store in town that we never go to, so at 8pm that night F and Jaime went out. The had THE pair of skechers he wanted, but they were only on sale for $30.

Time out for a rural town moment--to many of you, $30 may be a steal of a deal! In our little town, however, with our clearance stores, and Foot Locker outlet, I have never paid more than $15 for Nike, Converse, New Balance, the works. So it was an adjusment. As we were leaving the store, no shoes purchased, I saw a pair of Airwalks on clearance for $3, so we bought them. As our receipt printed, it also printed $5 off coupon for Skechers.

I broke down. I told F he could buy the now $25 pair of sneaks. He LITERALLY started dancing through the store, singing. The women at the register were just laughing, they were so amused. I realized the joy that you feel when you get that one thing you wanted, more than anything else, and it was a good moment.
Note shoes above!!

While clearance shopping has been, and always will be the fashion motto at our house, I guess I need to loosen the purse strings sometimes...for the sake of the children, oh, and for world peace of course!


Lauren Marshman said...

Such a lovely story! Here's to world peace...and finding that perfect "back to school" Sneaker!

Elizabeth said...

I got a little choked up there at the end. During his dance in the store. I can't believe he is starting 4th. Crazy. I know what you mean about them making us old. I still feel like I am 18 most of the time but the signs around me are telling me otherwise.

Jack McKinley said...

I know Liz--remember when we were the "young ones"? We're not. And we have kids, lots of them, and they are getting old too. Here's to phase 3 of our lives, no?-jaime
La-Have you seen the world peace stamp from SU? funny.