Thursday, September 09, 2010

It's been awhile since this one--

and even longer since this one.
You may not be 18 anymore,
or are you?
The hair may have changed (several times along the way, actually), and the neck muscles might be a little less flexible, but you've still got some rock and roll left in you! Happy Birthday Jackie!! We love you. Come home so we can celebrate already!

Closer to 40 than 30. Yikes!!


Estrogena said...

Thank you for not putting celebrate in quotation marks. ;-)

Look at that Simply Red 'do! So much for holding back the years. Let 'em roll!

Happy birthday to Jack.

Beth Freestone said...

Hey, I think Lysa and Jack may have had the same hairdo at one point! Great pics! Happy Birthday to Jack!

Brittany said...

Not that there's ever been much doubt about who your boys look like but in case there was any doubt, I think the 2nd pic puts it to rest. Can't wait to "Just Dance" with you and see how those skills have improved over the years. Happy Birthday!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Those pictures are so, so, fabulous.

If you had a dollar for everytime somebody says that your sons look just like know the rest....

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Amy Turner said...

Wow, picture #2 is a morph of F, G and S...really, I can't decide which one looks most similar.
Happy Bday Jack! May at least one of your presents be a (moist) carrot cake.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Jacky!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday brother - love you!