Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thank you etsy for inspiring my new kitchen

I have been wanting to redecorate my kitchen for awhile now. I am so over the italian cafe flair I was going for with all my bottles. Ordered this print and centering my new kitchen decor around it. She has three more I want to get only smaller to hang with this one. Now I just need it to arrive!! Her stuff is great-check out her etsy @Lucky Bluebird Art.


Brittany said...

Wait...I'm confused. I thought you were doing lemon and limes--is that in conjunction with the spice it up?

Lauren in GA said...

I love it! I need something bright in my kitchen. It is like a tomb. (Thank you 1950's architecture) You have great taste.

So...is that canvas? Wait...I think it must be because some of them on the link said canvas.

Estrogena said...

Totally cute, very "you." And I like that font!