Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 degrees of crazy

Grant me a moment, would ya?

You know how there are those people who are endearingly crazy. Like the old widower lady that hugs Jack just a little too long and who Jack won't go do visits alone to her house anymore? Like, "Oh, isn't she crazy and oh how we lover her for it!"

Then there are the ones that make you pause. Like, is she fun crazy or crazy crazy? Like when they do something you laugh at in the moment and then a couple hours later you realize they were being totally serious? But depending on the day and time, they are a little borderline.

But to round things out, there are the full on "She's so crazy! I think I'm gonna have her baby!!" (not really but I had to say the line as it popped into my head) crazies. You know, the ones where after you finish your interaction with them, you're like, "Crap, did that girl get my last name?"

Yep, add another one to the tally.


Brittany said...

Hope it wasn't me after we talked yesterday afternoon!

Beth Freestone said...

I love how you "lover" anyway! You so crazy...

Lauren in GA said...

Beth's comment was fabulous. I was gonna so, "you so crazy...I think I wanna have your baby..."

Not to make every comment about myself...but this one is gonna be about me, too. Remember when Jill H. told me that I am her favorite crazy person...because, clearly, I'm crazy...and need medication...but I stay on, said medication, and go about my life, even though I am barking mad.

Alyssa said...

Like the crazy lady with a long piece of bloody toilet paper trailing from her nose at church? Yeah, I'm with you.