Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It seemed dirty and wrong, but it was just what I needed.

Well, it did.
Once the boys started back to school I had these free days (I guess I still do...) and the weather was just delightful. Every time I thought we were on the river for the last time, we managed to squeeze yet another tubing trip in. And to clarify, not "we" as in the fam, but "we" as in the ladies! It was like Team Scooby-doo All Stars (which will make Jack sad to think an all-star team was formed while he was sitting in an office, chastizing a student no doubt).
On one of the trips we floated alongside the ducks that were out in droves and the herons that were too quick for my camera. No zoom on this one. We should have brought bread.

It seemed so wrong to be out in the middle of the WEEKDAY doing something so gluttonous as spending time for myself. It was divine and I am pretty sure I love my children more for it!


Lauren in GA said...

I am sure Jack was sad not to be on the All Star Team...I am pretending that I am an emeritus member of the All Star Ladies Tubing Club.

Estrogena said...

I nominate Lauren as an honorary member. I'm hoping some of her sweetness and positivity will rub off on me.