Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why finish one project when you can just start another?

I had planned to take the boys to the pool today but by the time I was ready to go, they decided they would rather play with their bow and arrows from Steppin' Out and engage in all out war. So. I decided it was the perfect afternoon for a project.

I have been on a quest to find oilcloth (and by "quest", truthfully I have only been to one store that did not carry it and looked at a couple online fabric stores) because I want to make reusable snack bags for the boys' lunch boxes.

Turns out it is a good thing I couldn't find it because apparently oilcloth contains a chemical potentially harmful to children and pregnant women (amy-stay CLEAR of the oilcloth!).

I decided to check out our local sewing store, SewBiz (which is great but quite overpriced), to see what they had. She didn't carry nylon by the yard (my new substitute) but she did carry a nonabsorbent raincoat material. At $22/yard, I bought 13 inches for $8.
And viola! The first three had some kinks, but with all the snags now under control, I am going to make 9 more. The 13 inches cut enough for 12 bags. LOVE them!! I am so happy because I was feeling lame that we have reusable lunch boxes, water bottles, & sandwich containers, but were still wasting bags for chips, etc. Now--DONE!


Lauren in GA said...

Those bags are all kinds of awesome, Jaime. Well, done!

Awwwwwww, I wish I could have gone to Steppin' Out. Adam needs more arrows. I used to look forward to seeing the people that ran that booth every year. They were from Florida....ahhhh, the memories.

Coiner Family said...

how crafty and sensible! a great combo!

Elizabeth said...

They turned out great!

Brittany said...

Impressive but I need perspective. How big are there? How many can you fit in a lunch box?

joan said...

Ambiance and practicality and green to boot . How can you miss?

Nicki said...

Want to trade bags for salsa? They are adorable and again I am blown away by your craftiness.