Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting my memories onto the blog and out of the closet!

We are getting rid of things. Lots of things. Mostly little things. But lots of little things take up a collective massive amount of space.

I have decided to take pictures and post them with their accompanying memories so that I can at least have a reminder of the memory, but I don't have to have so much "stuff" cluttering my closets.This is one of those things.
Jack's sister Jenny moved to CT briefly. Knowing his sister would most likely not stay on the East Coast for long, he wanted to drive up and spend Thanksgiving with her and Stacey. It took us over 16 hours to get there because we drove right into a massive snow storm. It was the trip we coined the phrase "snow whipped" to describe that phenomenon when a truck passes you and suddenly you can see nothing.
When we arrived Jenny had purchased this Bob the Builder sleeping bag for F to use while crashing on her floor. We thought that was so thoughtful and generous. Everytime I see it, I am reminded of that trip.
It was the first Thanksgiving we ate a fried turkey (it was delish, btw).

After Thanksgiving dinner I was very sick and kept trying to hide it in the bathroom. Jenny and Stacey walked by one time and oveheard me barfing in the bathroom. They were afraid something from the T'giving meal had made me sick so we had to spill the beans a little earlier than we had planned...I was PG with baby #2.

I also was reminded on trip that I love toast. Strange memory I know, but we had white bread toasted with butter and boysenberry jam on it and I had not eaten butter nor white bread in decades, and it was the trip that brought good toast back into my life.

Strange the memories we have, eh? Thanks Jenny and Stacey.


Brittany said...

What is it about white toast that is just soooo much better than wheat. I love a good wheat bread but when it comes to toast, give me the white bread anytime!

Jenny said...

it could be me speaking, I remember the visit with very much the same detail - right down to the almost passed - and then became super excited about how good toast can be!

Lauren in GA said...

I think to blog about the memories attached to the items is such a great idea.

Ah, Bob the Builder. Remember when we discussed at length how we felt that Bob and Wendy had romantic feelings toward each other but were too afraid to admit it.

...and then we examined our own lives becasue we were wondering if we were pathetic for devoting multiple conversations to the subject of whether 2 claymation characters would ever find the strength to profess undying love toward one another?

Oh, you don't remember that? neither...

Dirt Queen said...

LOL at Lauren :o)

Bob and Joan said...

What a great way to keep memories and clear the closets at the same time. What we really need is the transporter room from Startrek so we could not only travel to see each other but also store our junk somewhere in space. Keep on blogging!

grandma said...

I love the photo memory idea and will start to use it myself. I don't want my children to have to go through a billion things after I die deciding what to keep and what to throw away...remembering that I will be watching them from heaven and cringing at their wrecklessness with my THINGS!!!!
and on another note...I have just spent the last hour reading my two eldest daughters blogs delighting in their creative talents and wondering how they became so creatively talented. I have been amazingly entertained and caught myself in moments of fond reminisence. They are my heroes in many many ways....Mom