Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ohio I’m leaving, Ohio I’m gone

Britt and John might be moving the NM (gross!) so we had some good times over the weekend of July 4th... just in case.
Started with a tour of the Anthony-Thomas Candy Factory. It was really cool. My kids are totally into Food Network the way other kids are into cartoons. (Don't even get them started on the show "Next Food Network Star" or you will never hear the end of it.) My favorite comment of the day was when G said, "Mom, this is so cool. It's like "Unwrapped" but in real life!"
We proceeded to play a lot of games, swim, hang, eat, bake, cook, eat, and then eat some more. Oh yeah, we went out to lunch too. Tried Pei Wei, the fast food chain byPF Chang's . Delish, btw-so go for it. It's like PF Chang's but you don't feel like a shmuck for taking your kids there.
(turns out I have posture issues)
We also toured the Santa Maria. Turns out, I would not have been a good sailor.
We rounded out the trip with a rousing 3rd of July Celebration that was tons of fun and the show was spectacular. Wouldn't want to fight the crowds every year, but the "big city" shindig was a good time for all.
(lighting snakes all the boys could talk about was the resemblance of the snake to poop)
M and S enjoyed the fireworks laying down.

Hit church on Sunday on our way out of town and stopped for a photo op at the Columbus OH Temple. All in all, a great way to spend a long weekend.


Brittany said...

Hurray...thanks again. J keeps asking for 'the boys'. It makes me sad he just can't play with them everyday!

Brittany said...

p.s.--appreciate the AB reference!

Alyssa said...

As it turns out, I have a posture issue too. Looks like a great weekend! NM isn't too far from CO so if she does end up moving you could come visit us when you visit her. Make sense?

Bob and Joan said...

Great post. It is so good to hear about things at home here in India.

Lauren in GA said...

I have to try Pei Wei. I went to PF Changs for the first time last month and I LOVED it...and kept thinking that the kids wouldn't have loved it.

Is NM New Mexico? I'm a little slow on the uptake.

So, why wouldn't you make a good sailor? Do you get sea sick?

That is so cool that your kids love the Food Network. I love Unwrapped. You are raising those children up right!!

Oh, we only see poop, too. Never snakes.

Ritz Family said...

Glad we're not the only ones addicted to Food Network. Chopped and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are just a couple of our favorites.

Nita said...

Wish I could've been there having fun with you guys. Looks like you had a blast. : )