Thursday, August 19, 2010

"You're NO Miss America, ya know!"

That was a favorite cut down of my 7th grade posse (and used most often by Ashley ? who later moved, which was good because I think she would have jumped me into a girl gang).

To me, middle school meant:

-Todd Penington teasing me for not shaving my legs. (Um, Todd, you might have a heart attack to see the hair on my legs now, so maybe avoid me at the--wait, I imagine I will never see you again.) (and isn't it random his is the only last name I remember?)

-Getting pink loafers with a huge bow on the them for my birthday, loving them, and then never wearing them after Jackie ? said they were ugly. Repeat for pink peasant shirt with matching bag.

-Killing it as the starting setter on the volleyball team, only to later drop out because I was more into the hippie scene than the athlete scene (which was the beginning of a 4 year long deliberation about which "scene" I was into, and finally deciding I was into none of them).

-Crying in Mrs Huffman's Latin class after school one day to have her change my 6 weeks grade of a D to a C so I wouldn't get beheaded upon returning home.

-Deciding math was not cool and pretending to hate it which eventually lead to me actually hating it which led me to regretting wanting to be cool.

-Taking choir with Mrs Tatum because everyone said the class was super easy and chill instead of taking band which is what I wanted to take.

-Oh F!! I went to his middle school open house and watched as he fiddled with his locker, worried about dressing out in gym class, wondered if he will make it from class to class in only 5 minutes, and laughed as he reunited with friends who were all similarly consumed. May middle school be for you even marginally better than it was for me. Here's to high school, eh?

There are no photos, as F would have KILLED me if I'd brought a camera (even though I did toss it around in my mind).


Alyssa said...

You are waaaay too young to have a Middle Schooler! I can't believe it and my heart goes out to him... I hated those years.

Brittany said...

Well, considering you weren't even supposed to go in with him...not taking any pictures was probably a life-saver.

Beth Freestone said...

Aaahhh. Middle school! I am dreading that time! Good luck to you and him!

Lauren in GA said...

I can hardly believe that F is a middle schooler.

I hold my breath every year as Evan tries out his new locker combination. I break out in a cold sweat for some reason. It brings back traumatic memories, I guess.

I so loved hearing all about your middle school years. I am so grateful you never got beheaded. I would like to publicly thank Mrs. Huffman at this time.

Thank you, Mrs. Huffman. We love Jaime too much to have had her life snuffed out like that.

Jenny said...

amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant

Amy Turner said...

I still remember when F was saying, "Wow, a car" at, what, 18 months? and we thought he was brilliant. Sigh. Surely he'll have that locker mastered in no time.

Elizabeth said...

Just the fact that he would have killed you if you took a picture proves he is ready for middle school. And I am sure he will get the locker shuffle down in know time. The art of being fully clothed by changing. I am totally mad at the girl you said your loafers were ugly!

Nita said...

Can't believe F is in middle school either. My, how fast the time goes! I can relate to your dilemma about the camera. Wait until he gets to high school! And now I finally know why you hate pink. : )