Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 clues we have a 12 year old

1. No matter what the task, if it is in his room, F is rockin' out to his ipod.
2. Anytime we are going somewhere we hear, "But do I have to go?"
3. When F finally brings his laundry down, it forms Mt. McKinley.
4. We are out the door the crack of dawn for zero period (that's 7:15 in case you were wondering) 5. There is a sound nearing death eminating from our house as he practices his sax.
6. You can hear a mother wailing, "Nooooooo!" as she gets beaten by the preteen in one of several different board games. 7. The clocks are never right--for that matter, nothing is ever right unless it comes from his mouth.
8. You can hear a father wailing, "Noooooo!" as he finds out indeed, the preteen was right (thereby making him wrong).
9. We hear a constant chorus of "Why won't F play with us?"
10. There is now more than one set of gigantic man feet in the house resulting in gigantic man shoes littered across the house. 11. "PE is lame" is now a familiar end of the day assessment.
12. Final clue: He was born on this day in 1998, thus Mr. 12 year old.


Jenny said...

he's a long way from the little boy that wouldn't go to bed without a flashlight in his hand - I can't believe how time passes

Bob and Joan said...

Is mowing the lawn every week on that list? Of couse a really good two hour job!

Lauren in GA said...

*sniff* 12...I can't believe he is 12.

That Mt. McKinley comment made me laugh...and so did the, "a sound nearing death" concerning the sax. So funny.

Happy Birthday. F!!!!!!

Brittany said...

I'm not sure which is worse...leaving at 7:15 in the morning or another pair of gigantic shoes!

Brittany said...

p.s.--it wasn't me who told you to cut f's hair...i loved the soccer goalie look.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome list! He is a pretty amazing 12 year old! Where did that fast talking baby go!

Nita said...

Time really flies. What happened to the unruly hair? And wanting to spend every minute playing with his younger brothers and not wanting to be alone? He is indeed growing up. Love the 12 comments. You are quite the card! : )