Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, I can still call him a baby!

S turned 4 today. Many of you might think that he is too old to call him the baby. You think wrong. As does he, who isn't thrilled when it slips out of my mouth on occassion. My friend Chris delivered him and I remember on the day he was born well. The second he was delivered Chris called his wife Carol, who was in F's class reading to the students, to announce the arrival of the newest brother. I also remember feeling the best after his birth than any of the others. I had such horrible deliveries round one and two, we scheduled a c-section for this one and it was night a day difference not recovering from a c-section after laboring hard for 24 hrs!I also remember Chris coming into my room at one point asking me if he wanted me to shoo "the circus" out. We had pizza, friends, neighbors, the works, and honestly, I loved having "the circus" around. I finally felt good enough after a birth to have people around instead sleeping the pain away. I also loved having a great doctor who was looking out for me, while everyone else looked out for the baby. What a wonderful final birthing experience. And what a wonderful boy. Even though his favorite word is "toilet."


joan said...

Beautiful Boy! There is a song about this.

Beth Freestone said...

So cute! He is darling.

Elizabeth said...

Wow the big 4! He is such a darling! I had fun getting to know him better in DC. I wish we didn't live so far apart!
Happy Birthday S!!

Lauren in GA said...

Well, toilet is a good word.

I love age 4...they still say the most hilarious things but they can buckle their own seat belts.

He is such a handsome boy. It is wild to me that he is 4. I had already moved away so in my mind's eye he is always the infant you just delivered.

I love those pics of him.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh...I forgot to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, S! How are the bad babies 4?!