Friday, February 05, 2010

Talkin' up the Provo "Scene"

Last night one of my Institute students asked me come to his bands' debut at the RU Battle of the Bands and help cheer on them to the $300 victory prize and chance to play at parents weekend.

Wondering if we would be the oldest people there, we were thrilled when the sound system was being operated by an "established" professer, securing that title for himself.

(totally unrelated college-era pic)

As we drove home we reminisced about the music scene in Provo while were at BYU. While it wasn't NY or Athens or Portland or wherever else EW would dub as having a "college music scence," we had a pretty rockin' time. Here were some of our favorite locales:

-Mama's Cafe (saw Dar Williams there once before I knew she was cool)
-Pier 39 (on University)
-That place off 9th East neither of us can remember the name of
-The Edge (how lame was that but somehow we thought not?)
-and my all time personal fave: the basement of Arby's in Orem (yes, you heard me...a ton of ska bands in the "Rev. Horton's Heat" vein played there)

I'd post more pictures, but like I was responsible enough to own a camera in college!


Ann said...

ahhh, ska bands. i remember them well! i cannot tell you guys how much i love that picture of the 2 of you. makes me so happy!

Brittany said...

so did they win???

Beth Freestone said...

I love reminiscent blog posts! What about the Provo Amory, the weird Osmond place in Orem, and hello, the Wilk?! Mama's Cafe, good times. I don't think I ever got to the Arby's basement but heard of it.

Alyssa said...

I remember Skankin Pickle at the armory... I don't know if it was during your time, but do you remember Chump? According to my friend they are still around. Oh yeah, and remember The Ocean Blue at the Wilk when I threw the tickets away at Taco Bell? Oh and remember The Martinis? Was it really that long ago?

Lauren in GA said...

I'm with Ann. When I read your post I thought to myself, "Oh yeah...ska!"

Maybe ska will make a comeback and Evan can join a band and pay for the hearing aides I need from his trumpet playing.

A girl can dream.

Lauren in GA said...

I am too old to remember ska from my college days, however.