Monday, January 04, 2010

Yep, I remember that...what about this?

A new year means new memories.

Remember walking down the street to buy candy at the gas station (Minute Man) when you were like 8 and you didn't think twice about being kidnapped or molested?

Remember eating candy ALL the time?

Remember bobbing for cherry tomatoes in the backyard kiddie pool?

Remember watching Tootie and secretly wishing you lived in a girl's home with her?

Remember swinging on the playground and declaring whoever got the highest was going to be adopted by Michael Jackson?

Remember playing Barbies for so long and so elaborately you made props with paper and blocks and begged your mom to let you keep it up over night so play could continue in the morning?

Remember "Well, you're no Miss America yourself!"?

Remember trolling the Heart of the Burg and watching people try to parallel park?

Remember when Gillies sold Hagen Daaz ice cream?

Remember laser tag in the mansion and Diane, Jiane?

Remember the trampoline at my grandparents late one night (yes, you remember ladies!)?

Remember going shopping Saturday night to buy a new dress for church, almost every week?

Remember Ben Folds 5 and Echo and the Bunnymen at the Zephyr?

Remember Swedish feet and a 32 oz Dr Pepper?

What do you remember?
-thanks Beth!


Elizabeth said...

My favorite was making Barbie waterbeds in ziploc bags.
Leina is not into them. She made me box them all up!

Elizabeth said...
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Bob and Joan said...

No BUT, all of the same thing with my paper dolls. Loved the whole let's pretend that went on for a week with the neighbor girl. Her mother would not let us leave our creations out but mine was good for several days. Tell Leina to unpack the barbies.

Taking the bus to school but then every morning zipping a block to a little market for a Peppermint Patti. Eventually our little gang of chocolate junkies got caught but it was delightful while it lasted.

Buying bubble gum and cutting all the pieces in half to share. One piece went back in the wrapper and the other got bundled up in the comics. There was only a little bubble gum available during World War II and we always shared with the neighborhood children.

Lauren in GA said...

I am laughing so hard about Tootie. I wanted to know her in person so I could say, "Hey, Tootie...wanna got get a Slurpee? or Hey, Tootie...wanna go to the mall?"

Tootie...that name makes me you think the writers came up with that name and then burst out laughing?

tootie..heh, heh, heh...

I wish my kids could walk to the gas station and not get kidnapped. It's sad that it just isn't safe.

Beth Freestone said...

Yes! Swedish Feet, I totally forgot about them. Penn loves Swedish Fish--if only I could find some feet! I think I need a new dress--I'll see you later!