Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What S will NOT be getting for his birthday

Alternative title: A cleansing breath

On our way home from Colombus today we stopped at the mall in Charleston, WV to get out and walk around. It was about the half way point in our 5.5 hr journey so planned to eat lunch at the food court and do some browsing to break up the day a little bit.

Found the toy store (which incidentally was called "Kid Country Toys" but I thought it was "Kid's Country Toys" and figured it would be tractors and farm animals etc-I was wrong) and we indeed browsed.

As many of you know, we are gamers and I wound up purchasing 2 games for S's upcoming B-day.

While unpacking the car I made the harsh realization that I left the bag of games in the food court. Yep. No games. There was a string of one thing after the next, and bottom line: I left the games. I am so mad. This is not a story that ends with me just being happy we all got home safely, realizing material things are just things, and understanding that someone probably took them home and the games ended up saving their life or their childhood or their marriage.
I left the games and I am just mad. I am also mad that I am so worked up over something that in the long run, is something so trivial. But, I can't sleep and I am hoping this post will help me vent my anger and frustration with myself so I can take a cleansing breath. I will let you know.


Nicki said...

I would be so mad too! What a way to end a fun trip.

Bob and Joan said...

Forty-three years ago a young woman from Church left her home in Mexico to come and go to school in the United States and live with us in Ventura. We picked her up at her home and stopped at Orange County at a mall and bought her a bunch of cute school clothes.

In the car we discovered that the sack of clothes was not with us. We rushed back to where we had all be sitting and the sack was gone. Deja Vu.

Beth Freestone said...

So sad, so sorry! I think maybe those games were actually tainted with lead and it is a good thing that you did not bring them home. Well, unlikely but maybe it will help you sleep!

Lauren in GA said...

I would be so, so, mad, too.

I know what you mean about getting upset that I am so upset over something...I chide myself for getting upset over something that isn't technically a tragedy...

but, I'd still be mad.

Put on your new boots and pout. It will be theraputic.

Dirt Queen said...

This reminds me of Christmas and coming home to find a present that I had ordered chewed to SHREDS by my dog in the yard. I was SO mad. I ended up putting up a sign so the packages would be left in the truck. Atleast I had the dog to blame though.

I agree with L you need boot therapy.

Alyssa said...

And the cow head blinders were so cool too... I'm mad just reading about it.