Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's to good food, tonight is kind of special!

So Jaime has been frustrated that I never post anymore so I thought that I would do a little weekend update.


Renee and her kids came over and she tutored us on how to make authentic homemade Mexican food. She made chicken, refried black beans, rice, and homemade tortillas. Absolutely amazing! Then Jaime and I went out on a mini date in Radford/Fairlawn.


It snowed major on Friday night. This has by far been the heaviest winter in a long time. I love it. We woke up to the sounds of our home teacher shoveling our driveway. After helping him finish the job I thought it would be nice to "pay it forward". I drove across town to help some friends shovel their driveway and then got stuck in the snow in various places for the next two hours. Jaime accused me of "joyriding" when I got home. Thanks to our neighbor Justin for helping me the last hour of being stuck. The roads were okay enough to make it to Ann and Tyler's for games that night. They taught us an invented card game called "Poohead" (yes that is really the name) and we ate cookies, ice cream, and some killer pumpkin bread with chocolate and nutella filling that Jaime had baked.


I woke up and drove by the church parking lot to see if it had been plowed. It had but no shoveled sidewalks. As I proceeded to clear tiny walking paths, Ryan Watson drove by and helped me with the job. Thanks Ryan! We held church even though many area churches canceled. We had really great meetings with a pretty good turn out. After church I made our new favorite potato soup recipe. I don't gush about too many recipes but this one seriously rocks.

So, as you can see our weekend highlights all center around food. What else is new?



Elizabeth said...

Ipad for men, ha! Did you google poohead to find that photo. Kind of dangerous don't you think!

Brittany said...

I need a lesson when I come next time 'cause that looks like it's from a restaurant!

joan said...

Loved the weekend, the food and all but the winner of comments is "tiny walking paths!"

Lauren in GA said...

The poophead photo is funny.

That's awesome that your home teacher was shoveling your driveway.

All of my weekend highlights center around food, too.

Thanks for the recipe. I totally copied it off.

Ann said...

now remember, with poohead there are no winners...just one loser. and who was the reigning poohead at the end of the night...i just can't remember! thanks for a great night-we had a blast!

Jon & Stephanie said...

What? No shout out for the awesome recipe? It's our favorite, too. I think I have made it at least once a week since I discovered it!