Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh what I endure for you, Mrs. Myer

Arriving home at 3:22am, and now awaking not to a quiet respite once kids were at school, but rather a snow day, I realize, my lot in life is hard. Since I can't share the movie with you I thought I would share some of my favorite lines from my evening amongst the teens:
"That is a medium? That is a medium? That's a MEDIUM?"
"Christmas in Scotland would be wonderful. Africa is fine too."
"Here, I'll hold you down..."
"...I can say all the awkward things I want and no one can get pissed off!"
"Is anyone good at working zippers?"
"I don't know enough about theatre to know if a play is good."
"I only read this book because my other books ran out."
"That scarf really brings out your eyes" (not their color, but his actual eyes--from girl to boy)
"I just came from a cocktail party."

It also appeared as though many in the surrounding seats hadn't read the book, and were surprised Edward was a vampire. In spite of his uber-cheesy twinkling skin, and the inevitable book to movie missing pieces, I loved it.
My indulgence.


Lauren in GA said...

Okay...brace yourself...I know I generally don't read because of my narcolepsy problem but...I have read Twilight, New Moon and I just started Eclipse. I. am. hooked. Now, it takes most people 2 weeks at the most, to read all 4 books and I am working on month #2 of reading, but still.

I adored this post. Those quotes are positively fantastic. Whoa...some of those girls are world travelers. Scotland or Africa for hard to choose.

That is SO awesome that you went to the movie. I would have gone with you if I lived there. I even would have stayed up past my bedtime.

Oh...and by the way...Mike has read all 4 books. I thought you might enjoy knowing that.

I love the word, "respite" I am totally stealing that one, too.

Brittany and John said...

i just called to see how it went but with your snow day, you're probably outside...but that's ok b/c your blog told me everything. i only want to know how many post-teens were at the film?

Nicki said...

I am so glad that you were brave enough to go at 12:01. The biggest shocker for me was the fact that it cost $9.25. Can you tell I don't go to the mall to see a movie much. Ryan and I are going tomorrow to an early matinee, granted not as early as the one you witnesses :)

Ann said...

so glad you liked it! i was thinking about you thurs night/fri morn. my friend also went to see it at midnight and she called it 'mormon mommy porn.' thought that was somewhat fitting..... i'll have to go see it...some day!

Elizabeth said...

I just saw it last night. I really liked it. Of course not as good as the book. I went with friends who were on their 3rd time seeing it and the whole theater I think. All the teenagers were preemptive quoting lines the whole time.