Monday, November 24, 2008

Eddie Bauer and the Temple

My mom was heading to Ohio and asked me to drive along with her. I got the big boys off to school and then packed S up and the three of us left to see Brittany's new basement...I mean, family. I totally scored great pants (7 total for Jack and I both) at the Eddie Bauer outlet, shoes at Marshall's, and ate both Panda AND Chipotle. It was a great trip. We missed our appointment for the Temple--major oops--but at least (?) got the photo op on our way out of town. Everytime I see my hair in a pic it reminds me of the line in Steel Magnolias at the funeral about football helmet hair.


Lauren in GA said...

I am writing from the other side...because I am deceased...because I couldn't handle not being able to talk to you.

Your hair does not look like a brown football helmet. Now, I want to watch that movie, again. I love it.

Congrats on your Eddie Bauer score! It sounds like it was a great trip to see Brittany's basement,

Brittany and John said...

oh, shut too! i say that all the time and then tell myself that if i just had an expensive camera that could catch all of my beautiful layers, it wouldn't look so bad....there's nothin' like lying to yourself to make yo'self feel :)
p.s.--thanks for coming, you're welcome anytime, no matter the reason!