Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The last thing on my schedule for today...

was a snow day!
Didn't even have time to fret about it. Didn't even cross my mind a snow day might be coming. Usually it's not the news that tips me off to the notion of an impending storm...The normal tell-tale signs (long lines at the grocery store, no milk on the shelves, the parking lot at Hollywood Video full, the litany of phone calls) weren't there. So when the Honeywell Instant Alert System started talking on my answering machine at 6:04am, I thought for sure it was Jack's school--Radford rarely closes. But sure enough, the 2 hour delay transformed into a full day, and alas, it was time to reconfigure the day.

So with 10 gloves, 10 boots, 5 jackets, 5 hats, and 5 scarves to be found (I had 2 extras today) I began the ever dreaded search. We have finally been in our house long enough that those things actually have a home (or two).
The trampoline--in case anyone was curious--is a death trap in the snow.

We did learn important lessons about our dog on her first snow day--she hates the little parka we bought her, and as she runs around, the snow forms ice balls that freeze to her fur and she becomes a black furry ice cube. At least some learning took place today.


Dirt Queen said...

This snow almost cost me my pre-beach pedicure. I know that sounds snobby but it's one of those little things in life that gives me joy. Not to worry though I still got it:)

Lauren in GA said...

Cookie makes the most adorable black furry ice cube...too bad she didn't like her parka.

Sorry you had to reconfigure (that is a great word, by the way, I am totally stealing it) your whole day.

I am jealous of the snow...having to dig around for gloves and boots and hats and scarves I don't miss...but I love the rest of it! That was an early snow! Lucky you.

Brittany and John said...

I thought Cookie was going to die if it was too cold. I guess snow is cold but not too cold...where's the line?

joan said...

Here we are in India having a "rain day". We were out in it yesterday and we were the only ones on the street. Rain brings fear! Out again tonight and now drying our clothes we are having a tears in the eyes laugh about your trampoline, the snow and all of you. We can just SEE it!