Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top 10 highlights of traveling cross-country for Christmas

10. Dining with Royalty

9. Playing with Family we rarely see (Nita-email me a pic of Christmas at your house)

8. Finally being able to be No One in the Nativity re-enactment, instead of nearly everyone
7. Cookies for Santa from a package, not from scratch
6. Cousins, cousins, everywhere 5. Grandpa and Grandma and their Stories
4. Ditching winter gloves for windbreakers
3. "Look Ma, NO coat!!"
2. Liz's Favorite Things Party--which I am bringing back to Radford, so Ladies, get ready for the best party ever sometime in early Spring!!

1. Being on the plane back, knowing home is only hours away (thank you technology for babysitting my children during the over 13 hours of travel that day...)


Lauren said...

AWESOME! And I love those froggy headphones that G is sporting!

Elizabeth said...

It is weird that we are still here and you are home. The kids had so much fun with their cousins. I can't wait to throw a favorite things party sometime also.

Brittany & John said...

You better make sure I can be there for that killer party!!!!

Jenny said...

I miss you guys already. It was fantastic for me to get to spend time with all of you.