Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our sweet 40 year old trapped in a tiny body

F got a laptop for Christmas from Santa. From his Grandma and Grandpa Bob he got a chess set they bought in Poland. One of the many reasons we love F so much is illustrated in a conversation we overheard Christmas afternoon. When his Grandpa saw him playing with his laptop, he lead, "I bet I know which present was your favorite...." F said, "I bet you don't." Bob said, "It's not the laptop?"
"Nope," said F, "it's the chess set!"

Indeed, everyday since we have been back F and Jack have played a game of chess, with a 50/50 split on wins. Tonight, Jack and I were planning to have "date night" after the little boys went to bed and we kicked F upstairs. Get take out and watch a movie--ooohhhh.... F just asked, "So can dad and I play chess or is that going to ruin your date night?" How can you deny a boy and his chess? Guess I will pick up the food while they play a "quick" round!

Photographers note: If you haven't seen my house, please disregard the framed painting from Paris propped sideways against the wall...I swear that is not how we display art here in "the country!"


Lauren said...

F is genius. Seriously.

Hey, sorry about my annoying e-mails...Mike gets concerned about some of the things I want to blog I got frightened that I had done something offensive.

Back to F...he has highly intelligent parents...that's why he is such a genius. Of course, I had to look up telekinesis that time because of the brilliant G. We can all tell that S is brilliant because of how he spent his Thanksgiving down time in the pantry. He may end up being the smartest of all your brilliant boys.

Brittany & John said...

Uh oh...You better be careful...I know someone else who was an old man before his time and now he has a hiatal hernia at 25!