Monday, January 28, 2008

There's a party in heaven today!

At the age of 97, our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley passed away yesterday. When I got the call late in the night last night I was surprised and saddened. But all I could think about is all the people in heaven who have been so anxious to talk with him. Seriously, I think of Joseph Smith, and wonder if he's just thrilled to get a Q&A with the prophet of such crazy times...his wife, his family, and just centuries of people wanting to talk with the prophet of the 21st century. So while I am truly sad for the world's loss, I am grateful for my knowledge of life eternal. What a heavenly bash!!


Lauren said...

You are right! That was beautifully written! I should quit crying, and realize that there IS a total party in Heaven today! So true. Thanks for the perspective.

I had a great time talking to you today :) So fun to catch up :) Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, and never is all possible because of you!

Elizabeth said...

I think it is such a gift that he was healthy till the end and then at home with family.

janelle said...

Hey, Jaime. That was a great post. We'll all miss him. He's left such a huge legacy. Amazing.

Anyway, I've finally met your friend Lauren. What a funny story. Tell Jack that his Dallas doll cracked me up.