Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Roper came to our house late last night.

Not Mister. Just Roper. Our washing machine caught on fire (technically, there was just a ton of billowing smoke and a horrific smell, and Jack said I can't call it a fire because I didn't actually see flames...but doesn't it make the story sound better?) After the repair guy said it was a goner, we went and bought the cheapest machine on the lot. A Roper. I had never heard of it, and now it is my life-line to eliminating B.O.And since we are already spending our meager savings on our trip to CA, add the washing machine, the fact that we believe our camera was stolen falls to the bottom of the list, to be replaced maybe during tax refund time. A moment of silence for our financial woes please.

Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

Oh no. So sorry for it all and the timing. Bob and Joan's furnace just broke. $5,000 estimate.
Have a safe trip and we will see you in a few days!

Jack McKinley said...

Oh no, back. That is so wrong--even the people at Lowe's were like, "Oh sorry, bad timing." You know it is bad when the Lowe's workers are taking pity on you!

Lauren said...

Oh, no! Seriously, I am so, so, sorry. I believe that even though you didn't see flames you definately deserve the right to say your machine caught on fire... and flames engulfed the whole house...and you narrowly escaped with your life...and S had to perform CPR because you stopped breathing because of smoke inhalation.
You may be experiencing financial difficulties,but you are still hilarious! I cracked up at your plea for a moment of silence for your financial woes...
All joking aside, though,I am so sorry!

Amy said...

hey... we had a roper in our last house, and to tell you the absolute truth... we LOVED IT!!! and our 20+ year old dryer caught on fire just a few weeks ago, same thing, no flames, juts a stinky smell and smoke... tis the season... Love your blog! I have been lurking!