Wednesday, December 05, 2007

'Tis the Season to force a good picture

Every year we say we are going to take a great family photo on Thanksgiving to use in the Christmas card, since we are already dressed up. It has only happened once. So this past Saturday we loaded up kids in the car and under threat of not attending the Christmas Parade, we went to Wild Wood Park to see if the boys could pull off the "Ahh, they are so cute and getting so big" photo. Here are some of our favorites that did NOT make the cut!

Pictured here--the McKinley Boys Choir
Getting no genuine smiles, Jack started talking about poop...
So G at Jacks bidding--no not really, but it looks like it!
S, asking Jay (Manuel, of ANTM of course)
"Is this the emotion in my eyes you are looking for?"
And, deciding they were finished--the stick revolt ensued!
Guess you will have to check your mailboxes to see their "best shot" and find out WHO will be going to Bejing...I mean, nevermind!


Brittany & John said...

From the group shot, it looks like S will be number 1 this week! Jay WOULD be proud :) Their house always has the initials up and once they had to do a commercial for ANTM chocolate...I'm not sure if you're a true fan or not?????

Jack McKinley said...

clearly not--and for that I feel a little proud!

Lauren said...

I love these pictures! Jack is a genius to start talking about poop! That would definately work with my sons.
Sorry about the stick boys started beating each other, about the heads, with the limbs to the fake Christmas tree as we were enjoying decorating for Christmas. I use the word "enjoying" loosely.
Thank you for the Christmas card! It was fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

We just got ours yesterday! The boys are darling. Kai keeps carrying it around talking about the cousins he is going to meet at grandma's.
Your card is great also. I told Jack that if you are planning to go shopping the day after Christmas count me in too!