Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey, stuffing, & sweet potato pie

For nicer meals, I appreciate a well set table as much as I appreciate the food that is served on it. Here was our Thanksgiving Table. I wish the picture showed our personalized embroidered napkins! After the meal, the adults were meticulously perousing our Black Friday ads and making lists of our own...this is where we found S!!

And while everyone else prepared the meals, read the paper, & chatted amongst ourselves, this is what the boys did--


Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving!. Your table is beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

How did black Friday go?

summergurl1836 said...

can i just let you know i cried lookin at the pictures

long lost shipped away forgotten OTHER sister

Lauren said...

Well, it looks to me like S is doing some perusing of his own! So Cute! The table looks so beautiful!

Brittany & John said...

I'm so disappointed...America's Next Top Model