Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dr. Frankenstien not Frankenstein

For Halloween this year, I was Dr. Frankenstien, not to be confused with my lab partner, Dr. Frankenstein. My laboratory experimental cake walk was so almost spooky...
I passed out prescription bottles with chocolate eyeballs and the label:
Prescribed by Dr. Frankenstien, Dosage: 3 eyeballs daily to cure the Halloween Frights!

Past the age where I can convince them what to be (I thought the 3 musketeers would have been great, or a band of vikings, or even have them dress up as my "botched experiments," but I had no takers...), this is what we ended up with: Frog, Wizard, and Ladybug!
The kids were so antsy to get going, we put them in their costumes and rode scooters and skateboards until it got a little darker (but not much)! We also wound up with so much candy we can probably just dump it into stockings at Christmas and call it a day. And in an inconvenient twist of irony, I scheduled dental appointments for all the boys today--the day after Halloween. Who does that?
Here are the boys with their jacko-o-lanterns. F's is self-titled, "Vampire," G's is "a bad guy." G wanted to pose making the face of his pumpkin--F barely wanted to take the picture at all.


Elizabeth said...

I wish ours could have trick or treated with yours. K was that same frog when he was 1.

Jack McKinley said...

that would have been tons of fun. the frog is popular...our friend who went around with us was also the same frog.

Lauren Marshman said...

Dr. Frankenstein...which I am pronouncing as Docta Fronk-en-schteen...You look Maaahvelous! I can't stand the fact that my kids don't let me pick out their costumes anymore, either!