Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Is what you make who you are?

So my Jack was telling me about my sister-in-laws blog and a recipe she had recently posted. In a funny twist of fate, as I was making the same thing for dinner that night (the new chill in the air must translate to comfort food universally): Chicken Pot Pie.

Her ingredients list contained things like rotisserie chicken, shallots, fresh parsley, handmade pie crust, white wine, etc.

Here are my ingredients (all four of them): chicken found at the back of the fridge, cream of chicken soup, whatever veggies from the freezer don't have freezer burn, and a can of pop-top biscuits (sorry you weren't home to pop them, Jack!).
The contrast of the two "pies" made me laugh (was the laughter to hide my tears?). Although, I don't dare ask the question, "Which of the 2 McKinley sister-in-laws would you rather dine with?" I think I know the answer.


Bridget said...

I would eat at your house anytime!

Lauren Marshman said...

Don't fret...your sweet little chicken pot pie totally trumps the frozen pizza I served that same night. Nothing says "I love you" like a cardboard pizza. Hey,I had to take it out of the box to cook it...talk about labor intensive!

Elizabeth said...

I am sure both pies were devoured by all your cute little kids. I would gladly dine at either of your houses any night. I still think about the day after Christmas feast you made us. Delicious!

Brittany & John said...

John says he'd rather eat at your house anytime. Shallot??? Isn't Shallot a Jewish movie reviewer?

Brittany & John said...