Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Women of my "HAIR"-itage

The Meacham women in all their glory (and little jaime in a red sundress)

I (jaime) loved growing up around all these women because:
1. They were not afraid to have big hair
2. They weren't too pretty to fight
3. I had lots of "moms"
4. Someone was always around to play Barbies--even when they were too old and swore me to secrecy not to reveal their activities to the "world"
5. I grew up to love the company of strong, sometimes grumpy, often sarcastic, and rarely perfect, women.


Elizabeth said...

What a great photo. All that perfect seventies hair.

Brittany & John said...


Lauren Marshman said...

It is posts like this fabulous one, that make me realize that I am a decade older that you are because...these beautiful ladies are sporting my middle school hair-do... only...they look better! Back in the day...I thought could 'feather my hair back" like nobody's buisness. Ahh...memories. Good times, good times. I can almost smell the Aqua-Net!