Friday, October 19, 2007

Eyeballs and bloody bunnies--just another friday!

After school F invited a friend over and we celebrated it being FRIDAY by making some Halloween cupcakes. They were suppose to decorate the cupcakes to look like eyeballs.
This is what they wanted to do instead!

And then Jack came home early (you know, after taking some Friday afternoon funeral leave, of course) and decided he wanted to do one. This was what he came up with...It is titled, "Bloody bunny."

And all the while, S sat in his chair drinking grape slush from Sonic and eating unfrosted cupcake after cupcake...and was thrilled.


Elizabeth said...

What a fun Friday afternoon. Nice that Jack could come home early. I am getting excited for Halloween.

Lauren Marshman said...

How Fun...and Yummy and disgusting all at once! are one of those cool moms!

janelle said...

Jaime, I'm just amazed that your "baby" - I have one too - will stay in his highchair like that. Mine won't. She likes to stand in it making it a child death trap. I have to strap her down and listen to unpleasant screams in order to keep her safe. Now she knows that buys her a trip to the couch to watch Teletubbies so we can eat in peace. Okay, so next time you're in UT tell me. We're in Bountiful - pretty much North SL - and I'd love to see you! And of course, when we're in VA we'll let you know.