Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Life is burritoful" OR It's not 3000 miles by foot, but it is a trek!

The Washington D.C. Temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Our stake has a temple trip 2 times a year and we try to go to the temple more than that, but we at least go then. We usually try to couple it with something for the boys, so this time we got a hotel with an indoor rooftop pool and we went to the National Zoo. I love DC for making all/most of the national exhibits, FREE! An added bonus when we have to leave early because of meltdowns.

S cried the whole way (6.5 hours) up to DC and most of the way home. He was up twice an hour, every hour from the time he went down until 4:30am. On TH, all three of the boys were sick and we weren't even sure if we were going. But fevers subsided, rashes lightened up, and we were off.
But, we trudged up there, did some temple work, went to the Zoo, ate a whole mess of junk food (including Chipotle twice--thus the title) and came home. Alas, we survived another trip with the children--with only favorite memories from the boys.
-on the metro "It's too loud!"

G's favorite parts of the trip:
"1. The animals
2. The zoo
3. It was a great trip!"

F's favorite (can you tell he's on his way to being a pre-teen):
"1. hotel
2. zoo
3. stake center" (that's where we have the babysitting swap while we are at the temple
S's favorite:
1. Climbing over/on exhibits
2. Being home again!


Lauren Marshman said...

Whew! Sounds fun and eventful! I love the pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Vacation with the kids is always such hard work. But worth it for the memories. It seems like the good memories outlast the other ones. Can't wait to do some fun things with you in California!