Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our One Thousandth Customer!

It doesn't seem like it happens anymore, but remember on tv shows how there used to be the "One hundreth customer" or some # customer who would win prizes and showers of confetti would rain down on them?

On our profile page there is a meter to log how many people have viewed this page. There is also one on each of the proceeding pages, like for our photo album, our getting to know you pages, and our contact us page. We are at 995 views on our "Our Message" page which is the first page of our profile. Now, for example, when I clicked on it to get the link to put on this blog, it counted as a hit, so at least 100 or so are from Jack and I. At least another couple hundred are friends and family to whom we have sent the link. I imagine a couple other hundred are from the Pass-Along cards we have asked all of our friends to carry in their wallets (don't have one? want one? leave a comment or send me an email and I will get you one). I imagine another 100 or so are from lurkers--like me--who get on to see who else is crazy enough to jump on this adoption roller coaster. So what-that's 500-600? Doesn't that mean at least a couple hundred are birthmothers checking us out?
So does it mean we get a prize when we hit 1,000? (Enter Bob Eubanks type announcer voice) "Thanks for clicking! By clicking for 1000th time, Jaime and Jack will be meeting the birthmother of their dreams. A girl who will be interested in remaining part of their family as a member of the adoption triad, who will foster an open adoption and who will place with the McKinleys, the baby of wonders and miracles!"
You saw that episode, right?


Brittany said...

Next step...your own TLC show!

Lauren in GA said...

I can't wait until we can cue the confetti.

I can't imagine how hard it is to wait.

Elizabeth said...

Keep creating it spiritually! Love you! I have my cards on the ready always!