Saturday, January 08, 2011


Yes. I know-all good Mormons have one. A Cocomotion. When you say the name, most non-coffee drinkers (typically Mormons by default, well, Mormons and vegans for some reason) have no idea what you are talking about. Ironically (or coincidentally?) it is made by Mr. Coffee. Then when you explain, "No, it's great, it mixes the cocoa and hot water, it gives it those tiny little bubbles on the top..." there is a brief nod of the head and a courtesy, "Ahh." Subject changed.
But really, everyone needs one. Of course you can make hot chocolate on the stove, and yes, even in the microwave, but why? I was always taught, the proper tool for the proper job...and quite frankly, this is the ONLY tool for this job.

Jack tried to buy one "for the ladies in the front office," which is code for he wants one himself but will look selfish if he buys one and just puts it there. He couldn't find one in any of the local stores. Then when he got online, some idiots were buying them on ebay for $109!! Thank you 8 years ago and $25.99.
Needless to say, if you ever see them on clearance (it's the perfect clearance item as no one will either a)know what it is or b)think it actually works) BUY THEM ALL! Hoard them--looks like they are one their way out!

BTW-When googling to steal an image for my mug of hot coco pic, I stumbled across this recipe for coconut hot chocolate. Yep-trying this one tonight!


Lauren in GA said...

More proof that I am not a good Mormon. I don't have one of those babies...I need one.

I love that there is a gadget made especially for a specific drink. It makes me think of those toasters that are specifically for hot dogs. No slots...just holes to drop in the hot dog with the bun included.

Alyssa said...

I have never heard of this! And I thought with my proximity to UT I would have learned of it before you easterners... I will keep my eyes peeled.

Jenny said...

I may have one I could part with - I'll have to sleep on it....