Monday, April 06, 2009

Spiel des Jahres and other European faves

Last night we taught F how to play Ticket to Ride.Over the past few years, we have been able to teach him several of our favorite European games and Sunday game night is evolving. From the nights when half the University Ward would come over to play anything a group of 2o could play, to good friends breaking bread and playing games until it either work/school schedules beckoned from the early morning, or kids melt downed. Slowly, we are building our own internal team of European gamers.
So if you are looking for something new, here are our favorites (in no order):
(Hand-painted Dubyk version is our favorite, of course)
(Our favorite game to have child cheater rules)
(Our favorite non-preganancy game)
(Our favorite European "girl" game)
(Our favorite anti-clockwise game)
(Our favorite: "How did I end up winning?" game)
(Of the list, probably our least fave, but still a goodie)
(Our favorite we don't actually own)
(Our favorite cumbersome game)
(Our newest favorite that we have owned for years, but never committed to the German instruction novel --Thanks J & S for learning it first!)
So borrow away...


Dan and Tiffany said...

So true, European games are the best!

Lauren in GA said...

J and S are so awesome...I remember when Jon was set up at my mom's dining room table painting your game pieces...he's a good man...

Elizabeth said...

Have you played Citadel? I heard it is a good one.

Jaime said...

We haven't played it yet, but we got it for Christmas...we need a vacation so we can figure out how to play it.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could come on that vacation. I have a non game playing husband.

Ann said...

we've got a few that we should get together and play. i don't think they're european, but they're unique and oh so fun!