Monday, April 13, 2009

The best vitamin for a Christian: B1

...and other things I learned on our Easter trip to the beach in N.C.
Enjoy my new nuggets of knowledge:

Pacey and Dawson are still alive in the hearts of many (we were in Wilmington, where Dawson's Creek was filmed).
I will always have a like/hate relationship with the beach.
My boys will always have a love/love relationship with it.
Vacationing where we don't have to pay for hotels is awesome (a million thanks Karma & Duane).
Aquarium "hands on" exhibits are the closest thing to "fishing" my kids will ever do.
Easter egg hunts are AWESOME no matter where they are held!
The word "grits" can be substituted for any swear word when you are in the south (try it-) and you can still be considered a lady or a gentleman. (no connection to picture-just a fact I picked up there)
My children are smile-on-demand inept.
And vacations, even mini-ones with lots of driving and little sleeping, are still major blessings!


Brittany and John said...

So, what's best for an atheist?

Alyssa said...

We struggle with the smile on demand too... Your boys are darling!

Dan and Tiffany said...

I love the pic of your boys walking down the dock!

Lauren in GA said...

Ah, the messages outside the churches in North Carolina...I wonder if Jon and Steph miss it?

That dock picture is utterly fabulous!

I think the windblown look suits you...very sexy...until you are blinded by the sand blowing in your can pull it off, though...

What a great trip! It was so fun to see Karma and Duane in the pictures.

How in the grits am I not going to gain 1000 pounds with all of this Easter candy sitting around? (Heh, heh, heh, the South is good for some things.)

Brittany and John said...

Kathy just read in Women's Day about Wilmington and what a fun town it is! Love the new background!!! I almost bought a new bag with these little birds on it.

Elizabeth said...

I love that you wrote like/hate instead of love/hate. I hope you will all come and visit us someday anyways. :)

Elizabeth said...

Do you remember when we would watch Dawson's Creek very quietly while baby Finn slept in the same room in his crib?