Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you smelled your butt today?

G had his school program tonight (which I have posted all 8 minutes of below, mostly for the grandparents). The last 30 seconds shows the entire grade chanting, "Have I tied my shoes today? Yes, I've tied my shoes today." It's the music teachers' way of showing the children how to bow (I figured you could just tell them to bow, but that is why I am not a school teacher.)G is on the front row in the stripes, next to the girl in the puffy dress.

Once home, while in the bathroom brushing his teeth before bed, we hear G chanting to himself, "Have you smelled your butt today? Yes, I've smelled my butt today." Oh how he laughed--

I guess I am "grateful" he did it as his encore performance...?


Alyssa said...

That is so cute! For some reason we don't have those programs at John's school. I wish we did.

However, the shoes thing is just weird to me. I don't think I would have gotten it if you didn't explain it.

Don't you just love boys?

Dan and Tiffany said...

That is awesome!

Hey, the vase from my shower has a smaller vase inside, with the jelly beans inbetween. She had smaller square ones too.

Lauren in GA said...

G has excellent stage presence! Good thing too, because that girl's poofy dress was threatening to engulf him. He did great with those arm motions!

I think the, "tied my shoes" thing is really a strange way to make sure they bow. I agree with you...just teach them to bow. I guess that is why I haven't finished my Early Childhood Education degree yet.

You totally had me at the title...and I felt closer to you than ever before when I read about G in the bathroom. My boys find the same sort of thing HIGH-LARIOUS.

I love your new template, by the way.

Alyssa said...

Ok, I have to confess... I copied your template background. I am not cool enough on my own... thanks for giving me something to emulate.

Amy said...

I better not hear that at the dinner table tonight, G!

Bob and Joan said...

G, excellant show. You were fantastic. Great singing and stage presence. You broke and arm and a leg. Ask you Dad if your encore performance comes from nature or nurture. Whoever was was wielding the camera has a career in cinema. G, you are a big hit in hit. Bollywood wants to know who your agent is. Love, Grandma and Grandpa in India

Melinda said...

So, maybe it is a music teacher thing, b/c I used the "tied my shoes today" thing w/ ALL my grade levels..K-12. The purpose is so everyone bows at the same time. OK, so, toomuch info., but i understand!

Melinda said...

HOWEVER...I will not be able to do that w/out thinking about G!!!